Did you know?

    The first gunite pool built in Salt Lake City Utah was built in 1957 and is still in use today!


Custom Gunite Pools

At Hydroscapes we build gunite pools. 

Why you ask? 

We feel Gunite pools provide the most durability of any type of pool and can be used to create endless design possibilities. We are not limited to a preformed design.

What is Gunite?

At Hydroscapes we feel that a well-planned outdoor living area is a natural extension of the indoor living area. We know that successful design involves creative ideas, knowledge, and experience. We can plan and construct an environment that is visually stimulating and compliments elements of the surrounding architecture as well as suits your lifestyle and budget. We offer complete residential design services for your outdoor area, using a 3-D design program.  Let us re-invent your living space with such things as:

• Beautiful swimming pools and spa retreats
• Solid roof structures, open beam patio covers, and pool houses
• Elegant fireplaces, custom fire pits and fire accents
• Outdoor kitchen centers, sports bar, swim up bars

We want to set the standard and lead the way when it comes to renovations. We can make a dramatic difference in the look of any pool. Remodels can range from the simple- such as updating tile or resurfacing the pool, to the elaborate- such as reshaping the pool, adding a spa, or custom water features.

Here are just a few of the options available to you:

• NEW DESIGNS: such as beach entries, tanning ledges, swim up bars and rock slides

• NEW WATER FEATURES: such as waterfalls, grottos, water arches, rain walls, water/fire bowls and water curtains

• NEW MATERIALS: such as travertine pavers, natural stone, mosaic designs and aggregate interior pool finishes
• MORE ENERGY SAVINGS: with variable speed pumps and LED lighting

What's Next...

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Pool Renovations

Dry process gunite is a mixture of sand, Portland cement, and water which is shot through a high pressure hose at high velocity producing an extremely dense form of concrete. Gunite uses a minimal amount of water which results in superior strength over conventional wet mix concrete. 

Well this is where our professionals come in! If you are ready to take the next step in getting a FREE quote please fill out the form below and one of our staff will be in contact shortly! We thank you for your interest and trust, and will do everything in our power to create the land or hardscapes of your dreams!

We create your pool design using state of the art 3D modeling software. You’ll be able to see your pool and spa design come to life before your eyes! These dynamic 3D designs allow for a powerful presentation for your future dream backyard which can reflect different scenarios or design choices that you may wish to incorporate into it.